Fera Fox is passionate about supporting young people find their creative path. We desire all young creatives be provided the opportunity to learn, create, and feel supported. That's why we chose the non-profit Color Outside The Lines. They understand the importance of art and creativity, offering art classes and projects to foster and at-risk youth in Oregon where Fera Fox is based.

One of their primary initiatives has been a public art murals project that allows the youth to beautify public spaces within their own communities. These projects have helped build confidence and a sense of pride. 

It is personal to us to help our marginalized youth and adults alike to follow their creative passions. No matter what the dream or goal is, we want to elevate and support those in pursuit of a creative path in life.

For every purchase made, we donate a portion of profits to COTL.

 For more information please check out their website. You can donate directly, sign up to volunteer, sponsor a child, etc. 

Thank you for your support!